Excuse from Service

A person wishing to be excused from jury service must receive permission from the presiding judge of the court. Prospective jurors should remember that the system of jury trial is a right granted to all persons in the state by the constitution. Jury service is both a duty and a privilege.

Effective July 1, 2009, any person eighty years of age or older may request to be excused from jury duty by checking the Qualifying Age Reason check box on the Confidential Juror Qualification Form and returning that form and the Juror Questionnaire form to the Clerk of Court.  The presiding judge of the court shall give substantial weight to the request but can deny it if the person is needed in order to impanel a jury.  The Clerk of Court will notify any person who requested to be excused from jury duty of the presiding judge's decision to grant or deny the request by mail. 

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